Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How To Make Money Online: Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is a website that lets you earn cash or rewards in different ways. I use this site on & off  for the past year or so. And now I'm writing a review on this website.

It's a Legit Website!

Because people have taken advantage of other people by making copy cat websites, it's understandable for people to think it's nothing but a scam.

Here is my reasons why this site is NOT A SCAM!

*100% FREE to Join the Website.

*They have an +A Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB: This site watches for scams on the web & in public). (Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege LLC and is based in Los Angeles, California).

*Prodege LLC was Established in 2005.

*They have over 2 million fans on Facebook.

*I've been paid out through Paypal payments & Amazon gift cards. Scam Artists take your money. All the blogs on this website are all LEGIT! 

There Are Different Ways to Earn Cash on Swagbucks:

1. Just like the Super site eBates.com you can go to Swagbucks and click on the various        Commercial Retail Stores to order and earn points. They pay Swagbucks per every dollar that you spend at any of the stores that Swagbucks offers.

   As you can see Amazon.com pays 1 swagbuck per $1 & Walmart pays 2 SwagBucks per $1.
    So a $100 purchase at Amazon you will receive 100 Swagbucks  which is like 1% off your 
    purchase & a $100 purchase at Walmart you will receive 200 Swagbucks is like receiving 
    2% off your purchase. This sounds to good to be true but guess what, it isn't. Amazon & 
    Walmart pay Swagbucks a commission to send traffic to their stores which we receive a 
    small cut. Awesome!!! Huh!

2. Surfing The Internet

    Get paid to surf the internet using Swagbucks. They're search engine is powered by Yahoo! 
    So when you use the search engine you have the same results as Yahoo! 

getting paid to search swagbucks

The earnings per search varies, so you won't get the same amount paid out every time you make a search.  
  • Make their Search Engine your default browser so you can earn while you search.
  • Install their browser extension.

3. Get paid to Take surveys online

     This is the quickest way to earn Swagbucks. You can earn up to $9 an hour doing surveys. 
     The amount of Swagbucks paid out vary per every Survey and may take up to 20 minutes.

Image result for get paid for surveys with swagbucks

4. Earn Money Watching Videos

    The next time you hear your some one say watching TV doesn't pay you can let them know it 
**They have different categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Food
  • Music
  • News
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets & Travel
Well, you get receive up to 150 Swagbucks a day for watching videos.

5. Get Paid To Play Games

I think after you tell your parents or anybody that you get paid to play games, I think they'll Swagbucks with you. But you will earn just a little Swagbucks. But a little is better than nothing. 

6. Earn Money Printing Grocery Receipts

This is a great way to earn more money. Find & print coupons to save you money then earn Swagbucks not a bad deal at all... Earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon used. It's like having an extra $0.10 off per coupon.

How to Cashout!!!

Now that you've earned some Swagbucks, you can Cash out. Swagbucks has all different categories for you to pick on how you want to cash out on. The lowest is a $5 gift card but the amount differs for every gift card. Or you can cash out via Paypal.

In Conclusion

Anyone wanting to sign up for Swagbucks couldn't go wrong. There are various ways of earning cash or gift cards. You may not be rich but you will be earning cash for the activities you all ready do for FREE. Set up the search engine and earn money through out the year. Print out the coupons to redeem savings and earn Swagbucks. Watch videos and play games. This is something anyone can do while your at home, work, or anywhere. This is great for teenagers, stay at home moms, or anyone. 

Want more information to earn money preview this whole blog. Also share with your friends, family, or anyone you know. 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Make Money with No Money: Qriket- Receive 25 FREE spins if you Join Here

Qriket is a profitable application. It's like a Roulette Wheel on your smartphone that allows you to win money while guessing a color and spinning a wheel. Players do not need to invest any money to play like other Smartphone game applications. A player can win $0.05 to $1,000.00 on a single spin. When a player wins $0.50 & up Periscope records a video of the player celebrating of their winnings. Once a player reaches $20.00, they can cash out to Paypal. View the Youtube video below.

There is no age limit for users. It's fun and easy. To earn spins players click the "Get More Spins" button and you will view videos of other winners for 30 seconds. You must watch the full video to receive credit. A player can click the "Get More Spins" button 6 to 7 times to receive free spins.  Qriket is fun and entertaining. When you join Qriket through the Google Play Store or App Store Players will only receive 6 to 7 FREE spins. If you join through my link, players will receive "25 Free Spins.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rent A Friend? Review: Scam or Legit

Are you tired of your friends saying they will go out with you then at the last minute they cancel. Or you need a friend to stand in line for Black Friday, go Shopping with you, or go to a wedding, etc.
Then Rent-A-Friend is for you. Scam? We will see...

What is Rent-A-Friend?

RentAFriend.com is the largest friend rent for hire in the world. It's not a dating or escort service in fact the site has very strict policies. Rent-A-Friend is a strictly platonic relationship. Rent-A-Friend was started in New Jersey in 2009 by Scott Rosenbaum. Although not many people have heard of Rent-A-Friend in the world, Rent-A-Friend has been mostly know in Japan because it's services have been around for many years and is very popular in Japan.

Rent-A-Friend in Japan mainly services to single parent families. Since the Japanese are so family oriented Rent-A-Friend helps to fill the void for those who are widowed, separated, or need's someone to attend a family event, child's sporting event, school functions, or social functions.

In North America Rent-A-Friend is barely starting to gain popularity. The services provide a friend to rent to go to the movies, shopping, having lunch, going to a party or club.

Rent-A-Friend is currently Available in over 20 countries.

What is the price of friendship?
All the prices are negotiable between the member and the Rent-A-Friend. The fees start at $10 an hour and go up to $50 dollars an hour. The friend can charge whatever fee they want and keep 100% profit. In some cases friends have the option to not charge at all.

As a member looking for a friend the monthly rate is $24.95 and may change for specials. As a member you can view all friends from around the world. You can contact your Rent a Friend via e-mail or cellphone. All members need to do is type in a postal code (zip code) and they will be able to view all the files, pictures, interests, sex (male or female), in all the selected areas.

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Ireland, India, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

You can rent a friend to go to a social event, movies, dancing partner, theme park, concert, sports events, help you move, the skies the limit except for sexual activities.

So sign up become a friend to a friend in need.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ibotta App Review: Scam or Legit

The top three things in my house hold is pay the mortgage, pay the bills, and buy groceries. In this day and time it seems as though food is getting more expensive and it's one of those necessities we cannot escape. That's why my neighbors can't stand it when I would go through their recyclable bins every night looking for coupon ads. If I had the time to go through every bin I think I would be able to save a lot more and appear on the show "Extreme Couponing." 

The way technology is creating apps for just about everything, I happened to stumble upon the app called Ibotta (I-Bought-A). And with this review, I will show you how you can earn money back using this App with your Smartphone. 

What Is Ibotta?
Well Ibotta is a Free App used by smartphones (Android or iPhone) that will help you earn cash every time you go shopping for your groceries and now movie tickets.

How Do You Get Paid When You Buy Groceries?
Once you've Downloaded the Free App & Signed Up, then follow these 4 easy steps...

1. Choose products you plan to buy
    Before entering the grocery market, open the FREE Ibotta App. You will be able to see various Ibotta offers in their product gallery after selecting a store (enter zip code to receive store sales & credit). Browse & pick through the list of products that Ibotta is offering cash back. Then complete the offers that are related to the brands you picked. This could be by answering a survey, Liking 
a page on Facebook, sharing the product you are planing to buy with  your friends, family, etc. The more offers you complete the more money you'll receive. 

    Once you've chosen your offers, your offers will be added to the Pending List. Ibotta has over 300 retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores across the U.S. Maybe your favorite retailer is on Ibotta. You just go to one of the Ibotta retailers and buy the products you picked in step #1 and any other product you may need. You can also use coupons if you have any for the products your purchasing and you could still receive the Ibotta cash back. DOUBLE EARNINGS!!!

3. Confirm Your Purchases
    Ibotta doesn't know it's users personally and they take extra precautions. So they need to know if you did buy the products so you can get paid. So you have to take a picture or scan your receipt or link and use your loyalty card at preferred stores. This will help Ibotta track your purchases so they can pay you. This usually takes 24 hours for Ibotta to process then send your money to your Ibotta account. 

4. Show Me The Money!!!
    Once Ibotta has confirmed your purchases and sends your money to your Ibotta account, you can cash out through Paypal or select a gift cards from Redbox, Starbucks, or iTunes. Only if you have earned $10 or more. Just Select "Withdraw Cash" from the main menu of the app, then Select "Get My Cash" to Link Ibotta to your Paypal account. 

Ready To Get Started? Sign-up Here!

What I like about Ibotta, it saves me money, I can still use my coupons when I pay at the register to save more money, I can use it at over 300 retail stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. This is an App everyone should download to save you & pay you money. Happy Holidays!!!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Get Paid To Receive Text Messages: Drizzle SMS Review

"OMG!" "LOL!" "ROFL!" "WTF!"...
What would you say if I told you you can get paid to receive and send text messages?

In today's society everyone is almost texting at least 4,000 times in a month. Can you imagine how much a person can earn texting for a small payment amount? Imagine how much you can earn for every thirty (30) days. The App Drizzle SMS founds it's way to paying you... Sounds interesting?

Drizzle is a FREE mobile App that pays you to send and receive text messages. How it works, Drizzle places an ad banner at the top of the texting screen.
**Currently Drizzle SMS is only available for Android.**

When you download Drizzle, it will use its own app that will link to your Android device and SMS settings. All text will be sent and read through the Drizzle App in order for Drizzle to to display advertising at the top of the app screen.

Drizzle get paid for an advertising fee and the Android phone user get paid a portion of the advertisement. The banners do not get in the way of the viewing of the text messages. And every time I use the app I forget that they are there because it is a small banner. As you can see in the image above.

Cash is earned in form of drops The drops are earned in normal everyday use of your android phone. But the majority of the drops are earned when you send a text, receive a text, or read a text. Currently Drizzle has three ways of earning:
                                                     1. Text Messaging
                                                     2. Answering Surveys
                                                     3. Inviting & Sharing to Friends, Family, & Social Networks

Drops can be redeemed through Paypal, Square, or through gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Target, or for Food like Burger King, Pizza Hut, or Starbucks.
Ads are never sent to anyone you are texting to and will not interfere with the conversation. And drizzle does not store any conversations you are having. 

How to sign up, Download the app from the Google Play Store. 

1. sign up
2. The next Screen Enter your phone number then wait for a text with a security code. When you exit the Drizzle App. Go to your text messages get code then re-enter the Drizzle App. If you are back at the beginning press next then go to the phone number screen and press next on the numeric pad. It will then take you to the security Code Pin number screen. 
3. Once everything is complete make Drizzle the default app and uninstall the Google text App. 

You will notice at the top right hand side of the screen the drops and the amount you have. 

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

App To Sell Stuff: Wallapop App Review

Hey You!!! You have $500 of stuff sitting in your Closet & Garage!!!

What is Wallapop?

Wallapop is a p2p (Peer to Peer or Person to Person) digital flea market. It sells thousands of pre-owned items from people living near you. Wallpop is considered to be the 21st Century Swap Meet or Flea Market.

In today's world online markets have evolved from business to people to people to people. The e-commerce from businesses have had a lot of draw backs like delivery mishaps, misleading products, or very long wait times.

Wallapop eliminates all the hassles of the internet by offering a better digital market place for people who live near each other. The app is offered for free on the Google Play Store and The App Store. You can use it immediately as a buy or seller. You can sign in with a Google + account or Facebook account. Once you open Wallapop the GPS will automatically detect your location so you can find items being sold near you.

To buy an item, simply browse the products listing. All products are shown within a mile radius. Just click on the photo to open the products page. From here you can communicate with the seller through their listing.

Selling Items on Wallapop is very easy. Especially the one's you don't use anymore. Just take a picture of the item, write a description, set a price, post, then share with friends and family or share on Social medias. Then wait till someone contacts you.

There are other apps just like Wallapop:

*Varage Sale
*5 Miles

**And Much, Much, More.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apps That Earn Money: Panel App Review

Panel App is an App for Smart phones that runs in the background of your cellphone and you are able to earn money from it. Remember these apps are made to have fun not millions of dollars. What this app does is tracks you then tests you. You must have your GPS on in order for the app to work. You must be comfortable in sharing your information such as your location and phone service, you can earn some money from this app very easy.

You must live in the United States to use this App to earn money.

Getting started:

Click this Link to get started. You will be required to enter your eMail address & cellphone number, and how you would like to receive your currency eg. "Paypal". 

This information is required so you may receive a text message or eMail to download the app directly from the app store or Google Play Store. Once installing the app you are required to create an account. This is done by entering some contact details such as your eMail & Phone number, and some demographics about yourself then you should be done.

How To Use & Earn Points

Once your done signing up, make sure your GPS is on or you will not earn any points. Do not close the app let it run in the background.

Once you open Panel App you will be able to view how many points you have accumulated since you started. Everyone Starts with a certain amount of points, it can 20 or 100 points. This app tracks your day to day activities then gives you a survey within the day, the next day, or week. If you do not go anywhere the survey questions will be limited. If you go to work, to the store, movies, or anywhere the question amount can be 1-10 questions. If you answer them correctly you will get bonus points.


Cashing Out

There are two kinds of reward entries Sweepstakes or Guaranteed Prizes as you can see below:

You can also get points by referring friends, family, on Social Media Networks, Text Messages, and eMails. You will receive 10% of points your first tier of referrals and 5% from your second tier. If you would like to thank me you can click this special link, "New Panel App Member."

*The First Tier of Referrals has a Max of 1000 new members. The second Tier has a Max of 500 members.

Panel App has been conducting business since 2011. 

Panel App is easy money if your willing to share personal information with companies like Placed. Even though you will not strike it rich Panel App is great for fun and extra cash. Remember, Download App, keep app running in background, remember the places you've went, time, & date, & earn gift cards & Sweepstakes prizes. 

Apps That Earn Money: ShopKick App

Shopkick is a Free SmartPhone app that pays you by visiting stores and scanning certain products using your Smartphone camera. It is available on Android and iPhone phones or tablets.

When you walk into a store or scan products be sure to have your Bluetooth on so you can get credited for the items you scan, purchase, or receive credits when you walk in the store. Kick are reward points that can be redeemed for a gift card, electronics, perfume, or a new Vespa Motorcycle, and much, much, more.

They have a nice selection of gift cards from retailers like Bestbuy, Target, Starbucks, Gasoline, and Restaurants. If you redeem a gift card you can receive them almost instantly. Unlike some of physical prizes mentioned above require some time.

Shopkick does have some great cheats or hack that they offer from the company. For Instance:

*Refer Family & Friends on your phone or on Facebook.
*Post Referral Links on Social Media Networks.
*You can connect your credit card to the app to receive more points. Stores must be linked with Shopkick.
*Scroll through the App and find hidden kicks.

I like to earn cash but Shopkick is a great app especially when your out and about running errands purchasing items and receiving points or even window shopping. Shopkick is great way to have fun while shopping or going with friends & family shopping you can earn points and cash out. For other ways to earn money checkout my other blogs.

***New addition to Shopkick, purchase items you've scanned then scan receipt to receive more points.

***Use this link to receive 501 points, it's equivalent to $2. If you download the app in Google Play Store or App Store you will not receive any points!!!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Apps to Earn Money: Viggle App

What is Viggle?

Viggle is an app for iphones and Android phone or Tablets that allows users to accumulate points by watching T.V. or listen to music on the radio, CD, or YouTube. How do you use it, you place your smart phone near the speaker of the electronics mentioned above and it will scan like the song or television show like Shazam then it will tell you what you are listening to or what show your viewing and what channel and credit you points. Once you've accumulated a certain amount of points you can use your points to view movies coming out on stream, purchase gift cards, or join sweepstakes.

*Listening to Music you earn 100 points per every song you listen. They give you 20 bonus points by watching commercials for other apps or product commercials. Once you've listened to 20 songs you can no longer accumulate more points while listening to music. But you can earn more points by watching t.v. or playing games.

*Watching T.V you earn different ranges of points. For instance I was watching the movie "300", it gave me a total 50 points. Then 1 point every minute plus extra bonus points for a quiz if I answered all the questions all correctly in between commercials.

In one week I earned a total 25,000 points & I hardly watch television. You automatically receive 5,000 points once you join. If you download the Viggle app on this link here, YOU EARN an additional 1,000 points. You Have 14 Days to do so before this Expires: 10/13/2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

Make Money Online by Listening to Music

There are several ways to increase your online earnings, but earning money while listening to your favorite music is incredible. Music Xray is a platform where artists can submit their music directly to the music Industry Professionals.
Also, it is a website that pays you to listen to music. You ask, What's the catch? Well there is no catch. Music Xray is trying to build the best way for music fans to discover their new music and bands they might appreciate.  They also imagined a great way to pay fans a little bit money for their time and attention.
Think of it as music advertising. But the musicians behind the songs are not just playing their music out there to everyone. That does not work especially on the internet. Music fans expect to be targeted and the musicians don't want to waste their resources by targeting the wrongs fans.
Music Xray is in charge of targeting music to the fans taste. The better job Music Xray does, the more music you'll discover that you the fan will like and the happier the musicians will be when Music Xray pairs them up with fans that like their music. You hear so many songs that you will like, but not every band you hear you will like. Many of the bands you hear are just starting out and may not be quite ready for prime time. But that's alright. You can skip their songs after 30 seconds of listening to it and still be compensated.
When you do hear something you really like, Music Xray hopes you will support the band or artist by becoming a fan or by leaving a tip.
Step 1:
Open a Free Account as a music fan. Tell Music Xray about yourself and your favorite music.
Step 2:
If you don't use any music apps on Facebook, just write out the names of your favorite bands.

(US & Europe Only)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


What is a WHAFF App?

WHAFF is an App in the Google Play Store that gives you a chance to win rewards constantly. This App is developed by Techdrug. According to Techdrug this is the Best Rewards App ever. You earn rewards for downloading apps and inviting your friends to do the same.

WHAFF App gets paid through the app developers that are displayed to the consumer for downloading. They pay us a small portion of what they receive.

How Does It Work?

WHAFF Rewards has a simple and easy concept. All you have to do is Log in to your Facebook account and browse through a number of Apps suggested by WHAFF. If you like them, you can download them and receive cash prizes via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. You will get rewarded every time you reach $10.

When you swipe from right to left in the WHAFF App, you will open a Menu. Please View My video Below:

Explore awesome apps & watch cool videos and make money. Go to Google playstore & download app. Then enter Invitation Code:BR43610 you & I Receive  $0.30. If you don't enter code you start at zero. Thanks & Happy New Years!!! "2016"


Are you a smartphone consumer whose unconcerned by the advertising industry looking at you as a walking dollars sign? Are you ok with your lock screen being used as advertising billboard and they
pay you for it? If you answered yes to both questions and own a Android Device then read on...

SlideJoy is an App that uses the unoccupied space on your phones lock screen, to display advertising demographically targeted to you. What's in it for the consumers? This App actually pays you to view these advertisements, even when you are not interested. Rewarding the users with points that are converted into real money.

SlideJoy's developers are promising a monthly payment of $1 to $15 for customers who install the App, with the potential for an increase cash reward as the App becomes more familiar with each users preferences and interests.

How SlideJoy's Works

This App is simple to use, first install it then the lock screen displays ads. By swiping to the right, you ignore the ads and proceed straight to the unlock screen of your phone. If your interested in the product then swipe to the left and you will be taken to the web page or video.

Users will get paid the same amount regardless if the accept or deny the advertisement, in an effrot to provide paid advertisers with unbiased feedback and data about SlideJoys users.

Customers can sign up for Slidejoy using their Facebook account or provide a separate sign up information after installation. The Apps algorithm is designed to push ads to users based on their age, gender, location, and the type of ads they've shown interest in.

Users will be notified daily on how many points they've accrued. In order for a user to cash out from their earnings from SlideJoy, you'll need a Paypal Account or Square Cash Account. Users can transfer their rewards to these accounts every two weeks after earning points, or choose to donate their money to selected charities.

What About My Privacy?

While getting paid to unlock your phone sounds to good to be true, users are still giving up personal information such as location and shopping habits in exchange for rewards. Although SlideJoy's developers promise to absolutely not share users personal data with third parties, the App still collects your personal info in order to target you with relevant advertising.

It is only a matter of time before advertisers recognized that the lock screen, which phone users look at dozens of times daily, every time they go to user their phone is the prime property for pushing advertisements onto consumers.

SlideJoy is not the first company to use the lock screen as a mini billboard. Locket originally launched the pay for swiping but without rewards.

Advertisers on board with Slidejoy include Target, Best Buy, and Macy's. Slidejoy insists the ads shown will be creative, beautiful, and engaging the consumers reactions.

SlideJoy is currently available for FREE through the Google Play Store.

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Monday, July 13, 2015


What is Qmee?

Qmee is a company that offers a free browsing application that pays you when you search online within major search engines. The app works on a MAC or PC throughout the major search engines such as Amazon, Bing, eBay, Google, & Yahoo. Qmee brings up search results equal to your searches then pays you for clicking on the links.

So How Do I Make Money with Qmee?

If your like me, you would search for many things everyday online. Well with Qmee you can make money for these searches. After you've installed the free extension on your computer or laptop, you will begin to get paid search results that display on you left sidebar. Then all you have to do is click on the ads. The advertisers that are shown pay to be there and want you to visit there website. And since the ads were targeted they usually lead you to something you were probably looking for. So, it is a win-win for the advertiser and yourself.

How Do I Sign Up For Qmee?

You can sign up for FREE Here by Clicking this Link.

How Much Money Can I Make With Qmee?

The amount of money you make with Qmee varies. It range from $0.02 to $1 per click depending on the search your looking for or the advertiser. However, your nor paid on every search! It is based on the content of the search or if Qmee has some type of relationship with the related advertising.

The great thing about Qmee is that there is no minimum amount of earnings to cash out. You can cash out at $0.02 or less. This is nice! You can also chose to donate your earnings to a charity listed on the site if you like.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I pretty sure you have seen FreeEats.com on Facebook, Twitter, or other social Medias and are wondering what is FreeEats.
First of all, FreeEats is like adsense or where advertisers pay you to take surveys, view ads, or refer their website with your own url address. The difference between adsense and FreeEats, FreeEats uses are cellphones and the surveys come to us via text messages rather than the consumer going to the website and looking for surveys. It's a paid to VIEW advertising opportunity. Even if we the viewer ignore the text messages, we get paid $0.25 each just for receiving them thats better than swagbucks. If you want them to stop texting you or pausing the service, we (consumer) have to reply "STOP" to one of those text messages.
I tried FreeEats and earned $2.00 within my first half an hour. Payment was fast with no minimum cash out amount via PayPal. It was fast and I couldn't believe it. So far in three days I have earned $14 while I was at work.

If your Ready to Earn Fast Cash, Sign up Here!
*Both you and I receive $1 if you sign up via my referral Link.*
After you've signed up, FreeEats will send you a text message with a confirmation link. Follow the instructions to the Link to complete the registration. I am not the owner of FreeEats and have no relation with it. All these are my own biased opinions.
*There's no minimum to cash out.
*They transfer the money directly into your PayPal. Enter your PayPal email at sign up.
*Earn $1 at signup; then $0.25 for each text message you receive (plus $1 extra if you do surveys)
*First 25 survey takers receive $10 for the survey, the others after that receive $1. (It's always good to do the survey upon receiving it through text).
*If you don't do the survey, you still receive $0.25 which gets deposited into your PayPal account.
*FreeEats sends about 1-2 text messages a day.

**U.S.A Only.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review

I was wondering about Bitcoin Wealth Alliance so I bought it. It is by Chris Dunn. Who is Chris Dunn??? Well, Chris Dunn is a Professional Financial Trader and Investor. In fact, he is pretty good at financial trading. 

Even though he has only been trading Bitcoin Stocks since 2013 he was just as skeptical as everyone else. He has been trading stocks & futures since 2001, when he was still in High School. 

Based on Chris Dunn's experience, he has also been creating his own strategies in trading since 2007. He then created educational programs such as Bitcoin Wealth Alliance to help the traders avoid the hype and non-sense in the trading community so they can become successful stock traders.

Chris Dunn is a Fantastic Teacher. He knows what he's doing and wants to teach others how to profit from it. Chris Dunn has been teaching traders how to develop trading strategies by creating programs like E-Mini Academy 2008, Bitcoin Wealth Alliance 2014, and also a website called Daily Trading Profits.com. 

He is an excellent teacher that trains other traders how to make money trading, like in this video below...

 In the Video "Bitcoin Basics (Part 1)," Chris Dunn teaches Newbies about Bitcoin. He teaches you how Bitcoin works and How to Start Making Money with It.

Chris Dunn's Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a program that guides you on how to make money with Bitcoins. It contains video presentations of the creator explaining the basics about bitcoin and how to trade it right away to make money.

Chris explains everything very thoroughly for everyone to understand, even if you do not know anything about bitcoin and trading. So you don't have to worry about technical or complicated terms.

In fact, Chris Dunn emphasizes that trading bitcoin is a lot easier than trading in other stocks. Chris Dunn said, this training is so easy that even a seven year old can understand this and make money in the afternoon after school.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance has 3 parts...
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • Bitcoin Trading Foundation
  • Bonus Videos
Part 1 Bitcoin Basics

Chris Dunn explains about the basics of Bitcoin before one starts trading. It contains 10 videos: The Welcome Video, Bitcoin explained for Beginners, Bitcoin Wallets, Coinbase Tutorial, Bitcoin Exchanges, How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATM's, When to invest in Bitcoin, Alt coin Exchanges, and The Risks of Bitcoin.

Part 2 Bitcoin Trading Foundation

After Learning about Bitcoin Basics, Chris Dunn teaches about the Bitcoin Trading Foundation. 

In this part of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance course, Chris shows you how to read Bitcoin Charts, Bitcoin Candle Stick Patterns, Trading View Tutorial, How to Short Bitcoin with Bitfinex, 2 Trade Types, Bitcoin Trading Webinar, Bitcoin Trading Video, How to find High Probability Entry Areas, How to Manage your Time When Trading, and How to Time Your Entries

Part 3 Bonus

This part contains 2 Video Modules about How To Accept Bitcoin and Whether You should Invest in ALT Coins or Not.

Let Me Tell you, after going through the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance training videos and information it is enough to help you start trading. It is a GREAT Investment in Learning what you need to know and is completely designed to help you trade on your own. 

In Conclusion, Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a video course to help you start making money right away. Starting out in trading bitcoin is much easier than trading stock. So virtually anyone can do it. However, there will be risk in losing money. And Chris Dunn states, one should only invest in what they are able to lose. Second, this program is not a get rich quick program. Chris does not sell Magic software or robots that can automatically work for you. In fact, he does not recommend in using trading robots because 99.99% are SCAMS. 

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Start Your Own Supplement Company

Herbal Biz is a Business Opportunity that allows you to have your own online shop where you can distribute a large variety of different herbal supplements. If you build your online business properly,
it is possible to generate hundreds to thousands of dollars each day. You don't need any previous business experience to get started. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and the desire to
generate extra income. Market over one hundred health and beauty products through your business.

By joining Herbal Biz you will have access to tips, tools, and secrets you need to build a successful online business. It doesn't matter if you don't have that much capital, experience, or time to invest you can still get started and start generating income from your home. the Herbal Biz Kit will guide you through everything and you will hardly have to invest any effort to get started.

Your Herbal Biz Website will work hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, and never "Closed" it will always be making money. The Herbal Biz opportunity will enable you to have your very own e-commerce website and domain for less than $100. There are no maintenance charges, inventory, dealing with shipping, or problematic customers. You can create three income stream from Herbal Biz:

  1. Earn 50% income from each product sold through your Herbal Biz Website.
  2. Earn $35 per every person you recruit into the Herbal Biz Opportunity.
  3. And earn 5% on each product your recruit and their recruits sell.
It is not a pyramid scheme. It's called network marketing, and the people you recruit will have the opportunity to earn more money than you, if they work harder than you.

When you sign up, you will get a Domain Name, Access to customer Service, 1 FULL YEAR of HOSTING, and a PRE-MADE Herbal Biz Website with Herbal & Beauty Products. some other tools and aids are Banners, Buttons, Templates for your Business Cards, flyers, and more help to increase sales.

If this sounds like a GREAT Opportunity and you would be interested in an Online Business that will create residual income then CLICK HERE to fill out an application to get Started and to $tart earning hundreds to thousands of dollar$.

Monday, April 27, 2015

My Cash Freebies

What is My Cash Freebies?
My Cash Freebies (MCF) is part of the Freebies Network which represents Fortune 500
companies that have products they offer to the public. Many of these trials are offered at discounted prices. My Cash Freebies is a major player in the incentive Freebies Industry.
What is the Freebies Industry?
The Freebies Industry is a referral based industry where anyone can win cash or prizes by referring others to fill out special offers made by Fortune 500 companies. Other major players in the Freebies Industry are ZNZ One and Instant Rewards. However, My Cash Freebies is considered one of the easiest to join and to start making money.
How do people make money from My Cash Freebies?
All you have to do is fulfill the required offers on the My Cash Freebies website. Once you fulfill your required offers, My Cash Freebies will give you a referral code. With that code you can begin referring other people (your friends, online marketing, YouTube videos, etc.) to your website, and when they complete the offers YOU GET PAID.
How easy is it to fulfill the required offers?
The reason My Cash Freebies has become very popular, is because its offers are much easier to complete than other major players in the Freebies Industry. All you have to do is complete 1 credit to fulfill the offers. Once you do this, you can begin referring other people to do the same, and make money easy.
How much money can I make with My Cash Freebies?
The most popular programs offered by My Cash Freebies are: Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies. My Cash Freebies has many other programs; however, these two are the most popular since they are easier to do. Express My Cash Freebies pays $20 per referral, while Double My Cash Freebies pays $30.
Who pays me and how do they pay?
It's important to remember that My Cash Freebies does not pay you directly. The Fortune 500 companies are the ones who pay you for referring people who complete their offers on your referral link. Once someone completes their offers on your referral link, then My Cash Freebies will forward you a check or deposit your cash prize to your PayPal account.
Is this a really legit business?
Yes, the Freebie Trading Industry is a legit industry and there are literally hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid every year to people who market this business to the public. Keep in mind that if you earn money from My Cash Freebies (or any other Freebie group) you are liable to report income to the IRS when you file taxes.
Why do the Fortune 500 companies give cash to people who refer others to complete their offers?
Remember, we live in the digital era. Today millions of people prefer to go online to watch the news, visit blogs, and watch YouTube videos, instead of in the 1990's when most people watched TV. For this reason, the big Fortune 500 companies are putting more emphasis on online marketing. But they need people like you and me to help market their products and services. For this service, they are willing to give out commissions, which is good news for us!
How much money can I really make from My Cash Freebies?
This really depends on you. Some people make a few hundred dollars a month (part time) while others make $1,000 or more per month. Still others even earn a living from the Freebie Industry. It is certainly not impossible; however, it takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve success in not only the Freebie Industry, but any legit online income opportunity.
Can I get rich from My Cash Freebies?
My Cash Freebie is not a get rich quick scheme. As in all legit businesses, it will take time and effort to get the ball rolling. However, the good news is My Cash Freebies is legit and it does pay, and it's one of the easiest ways to make money online. Your earning potential is unlimited and is entirely dependent upon your commitment and dedication.  
Is My Cash Freebies a Scam?
No, My Cash Freebies is not a scam. However, it does take work and dedication. The good news is you can start part time and make some extra money online. If you have a job, you can still work your job and do My Cash Freebies in your spare time.
Work from Home Scams
We all know that there are thousands of work from home scams online. Many websites promise people riches without working hard. Most of these are scams and they make their money by brainwashing people with false advertisements. 

However, if you are searching for a legit work from home opportunity, you can always join the growing Freebie Trading Industry, and work from home, and work your own hours. You may not get rich, but you can make some nice extra money from home right from your own computer!
How can I start?
You can start My Cash Freebies today. Just click on the link below. You will then be redirected to a page where you can watch a free tutorial video that will show you how to start making money with My Cash Freebies. All you have to do is enter your email address to watch the video.