Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review

I was wondering about Bitcoin Wealth Alliance so I bought it. It is by Chris Dunn. Who is Chris Dunn??? Well, Chris Dunn is a Professional Financial Trader and Investor. In fact, he is pretty good at financial trading. 

Even though he has only been trading Bitcoin Stocks since 2013 he was just as skeptical as everyone else. He has been trading stocks & futures since 2001, when he was still in High School. 

Based on Chris Dunn's experience, he has also been creating his own strategies in trading since 2007. He then created educational programs such as Bitcoin Wealth Alliance to help the traders avoid the hype and non-sense in the trading community so they can become successful stock traders.

Chris Dunn is a Fantastic Teacher. He knows what he's doing and wants to teach others how to profit from it. Chris Dunn has been teaching traders how to develop trading strategies by creating programs like E-Mini Academy 2008, Bitcoin Wealth Alliance 2014, and also a website called Daily Trading Profits.com. 

He is an excellent teacher that trains other traders how to make money trading, like in this video below...

 In the Video "Bitcoin Basics (Part 1)," Chris Dunn teaches Newbies about Bitcoin. He teaches you how Bitcoin works and How to Start Making Money with It.

Chris Dunn's Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a program that guides you on how to make money with Bitcoins. It contains video presentations of the creator explaining the basics about bitcoin and how to trade it right away to make money.

Chris explains everything very thoroughly for everyone to understand, even if you do not know anything about bitcoin and trading. So you don't have to worry about technical or complicated terms.

In fact, Chris Dunn emphasizes that trading bitcoin is a lot easier than trading in other stocks. Chris Dunn said, this training is so easy that even a seven year old can understand this and make money in the afternoon after school.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance has 3 parts...
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • Bitcoin Trading Foundation
  • Bonus Videos
Part 1 Bitcoin Basics

Chris Dunn explains about the basics of Bitcoin before one starts trading. It contains 10 videos: The Welcome Video, Bitcoin explained for Beginners, Bitcoin Wallets, Coinbase Tutorial, Bitcoin Exchanges, How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATM's, When to invest in Bitcoin, Alt coin Exchanges, and The Risks of Bitcoin.

Part 2 Bitcoin Trading Foundation

After Learning about Bitcoin Basics, Chris Dunn teaches about the Bitcoin Trading Foundation. 

In this part of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance course, Chris shows you how to read Bitcoin Charts, Bitcoin Candle Stick Patterns, Trading View Tutorial, How to Short Bitcoin with Bitfinex, 2 Trade Types, Bitcoin Trading Webinar, Bitcoin Trading Video, How to find High Probability Entry Areas, How to Manage your Time When Trading, and How to Time Your Entries

Part 3 Bonus

This part contains 2 Video Modules about How To Accept Bitcoin and Whether You should Invest in ALT Coins or Not.

Let Me Tell you, after going through the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance training videos and information it is enough to help you start trading. It is a GREAT Investment in Learning what you need to know and is completely designed to help you trade on your own. 

In Conclusion, Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a video course to help you start making money right away. Starting out in trading bitcoin is much easier than trading stock. So virtually anyone can do it. However, there will be risk in losing money. And Chris Dunn states, one should only invest in what they are able to lose. Second, this program is not a get rich quick program. Chris does not sell Magic software or robots that can automatically work for you. In fact, he does not recommend in using trading robots because 99.99% are SCAMS. 

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