Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I pretty sure you have seen FreeEats.com on Facebook, Twitter, or other social Medias and are wondering what is FreeEats.
First of all, FreeEats is like adsense or where advertisers pay you to take surveys, view ads, or refer their website with your own url address. The difference between adsense and FreeEats, FreeEats uses are cellphones and the surveys come to us via text messages rather than the consumer going to the website and looking for surveys. It's a paid to VIEW advertising opportunity. Even if we the viewer ignore the text messages, we get paid $0.25 each just for receiving them thats better than swagbucks. If you want them to stop texting you or pausing the service, we (consumer) have to reply "STOP" to one of those text messages.
I tried FreeEats and earned $2.00 within my first half an hour. Payment was fast with no minimum cash out amount via PayPal. It was fast and I couldn't believe it. So far in three days I have earned $14 while I was at work.

If your Ready to Earn Fast Cash, Sign up Here!
*Both you and I receive $1 if you sign up via my referral Link.*
After you've signed up, FreeEats will send you a text message with a confirmation link. Follow the instructions to the Link to complete the registration. I am not the owner of FreeEats and have no relation with it. All these are my own biased opinions.
*There's no minimum to cash out.
*They transfer the money directly into your PayPal. Enter your PayPal email at sign up.
*Earn $1 at signup; then $0.25 for each text message you receive (plus $1 extra if you do surveys)
*First 25 survey takers receive $10 for the survey, the others after that receive $1. (It's always good to do the survey upon receiving it through text).
*If you don't do the survey, you still receive $0.25 which gets deposited into your PayPal account.
*FreeEats sends about 1-2 text messages a day.

**U.S.A Only.



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