Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apps That Earn Money: Panel App Review

Panel App is an App for Smart phones that runs in the background of your cellphone and you are able to earn money from it. Remember these apps are made to have fun not millions of dollars. What this app does is tracks you then tests you. You must have your GPS on in order for the app to work. You must be comfortable in sharing your information such as your location and phone service, you can earn some money from this app very easy.

You must live in the United States to use this App to earn money.

Getting started:

Click this Link to get started. You will be required to enter your eMail address & cellphone number, and how you would like to receive your currency eg. "Paypal". 

This information is required so you may receive a text message or eMail to download the app directly from the app store or Google Play Store. Once installing the app you are required to create an account. This is done by entering some contact details such as your eMail & Phone number, and some demographics about yourself then you should be done.

How To Use & Earn Points

Once your done signing up, make sure your GPS is on or you will not earn any points. Do not close the app let it run in the background.

Once you open Panel App you will be able to view how many points you have accumulated since you started. Everyone Starts with a certain amount of points, it can 20 or 100 points. This app tracks your day to day activities then gives you a survey within the day, the next day, or week. If you do not go anywhere the survey questions will be limited. If you go to work, to the store, movies, or anywhere the question amount can be 1-10 questions. If you answer them correctly you will get bonus points.


Cashing Out

There are two kinds of reward entries Sweepstakes or Guaranteed Prizes as you can see below:

You can also get points by referring friends, family, on Social Media Networks, Text Messages, and eMails. You will receive 10% of points your first tier of referrals and 5% from your second tier. If you would like to thank me you can click this special link, "New Panel App Member."

*The First Tier of Referrals has a Max of 1000 new members. The second Tier has a Max of 500 members.

Panel App has been conducting business since 2011. 

Panel App is easy money if your willing to share personal information with companies like Placed. Even though you will not strike it rich Panel App is great for fun and extra cash. Remember, Download App, keep app running in background, remember the places you've went, time, & date, & earn gift cards & Sweepstakes prizes. 

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