Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apps That Earn Money: ShopKick App

Shopkick is a Free SmartPhone app that pays you by visiting stores and scanning certain products using your Smartphone camera. It is available on Android and iPhone phones or tablets.

When you walk into a store or scan products be sure to have your Bluetooth on so you can get credited for the items you scan, purchase, or receive credits when you walk in the store. Kick are reward points that can be redeemed for a gift card, electronics, perfume, or a new Vespa Motorcycle, and much, much, more.

They have a nice selection of gift cards from retailers like Bestbuy, Target, Starbucks, Gasoline, and Restaurants. If you redeem a gift card you can receive them almost instantly. Unlike some of physical prizes mentioned above require some time.

Shopkick does have some great cheats or hack that they offer from the company. For Instance:

*Refer Family & Friends on your phone or on Facebook.
*Post Referral Links on Social Media Networks.
*You can connect your credit card to the app to receive more points. Stores must be linked with Shopkick.
*Scroll through the App and find hidden kicks.

I like to earn cash but Shopkick is a great app especially when your out and about running errands purchasing items and receiving points or even window shopping. Shopkick is great way to have fun while shopping or going with friends & family shopping you can earn points and cash out. For other ways to earn money checkout my other blogs.

***New addition to Shopkick, purchase items you've scanned then scan receipt to receive more points.

***Use this link to receive 501 points, it's equivalent to $2. If you download the app in Google Play Store or App Store you will not receive any points!!!

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