Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Get Paid To Receive Text Messages: Drizzle SMS Review

"OMG!" "LOL!" "ROFL!" "WTF!"...
What would you say if I told you you can get paid to receive and send text messages?

In today's society everyone is almost texting at least 4,000 times in a month. Can you imagine how much a person can earn texting for a small payment amount? Imagine how much you can earn for every thirty (30) days. The App Drizzle SMS founds it's way to paying you... Sounds interesting?

Drizzle is a FREE mobile App that pays you to send and receive text messages. How it works, Drizzle places an ad banner at the top of the texting screen.
**Currently Drizzle SMS is only available for Android.**

When you download Drizzle, it will use its own app that will link to your Android device and SMS settings. All text will be sent and read through the Drizzle App in order for Drizzle to to display advertising at the top of the app screen.

Drizzle get paid for an advertising fee and the Android phone user get paid a portion of the advertisement. The banners do not get in the way of the viewing of the text messages. And every time I use the app I forget that they are there because it is a small banner. As you can see in the image above.

Cash is earned in form of drops The drops are earned in normal everyday use of your android phone. But the majority of the drops are earned when you send a text, receive a text, or read a text. Currently Drizzle has three ways of earning:
                                                     1. Text Messaging
                                                     2. Answering Surveys
                                                     3. Inviting & Sharing to Friends, Family, & Social Networks

Drops can be redeemed through Paypal, Square, or through gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Target, or for Food like Burger King, Pizza Hut, or Starbucks.
Ads are never sent to anyone you are texting to and will not interfere with the conversation. And drizzle does not store any conversations you are having. 

How to sign up, Download the app from the Google Play Store. 

1. sign up
2. The next Screen Enter your phone number then wait for a text with a security code. When you exit the Drizzle App. Go to your text messages get code then re-enter the Drizzle App. If you are back at the beginning press next then go to the phone number screen and press next on the numeric pad. It will then take you to the security Code Pin number screen. 
3. Once everything is complete make Drizzle the default app and uninstall the Google text App. 

You will notice at the top right hand side of the screen the drops and the amount you have. 

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