Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ibotta App Review: Scam or Legit

The top three things in my house hold is pay the mortgage, pay the bills, and buy groceries. In this day and time it seems as though food is getting more expensive and it's one of those necessities we cannot escape. That's why my neighbors can't stand it when I would go through their recyclable bins every night looking for coupon ads. If I had the time to go through every bin I think I would be able to save a lot more and appear on the show "Extreme Couponing." 

The way technology is creating apps for just about everything, I happened to stumble upon the app called Ibotta (I-Bought-A). And with this review, I will show you how you can earn money back using this App with your Smartphone. 

What Is Ibotta?
Well Ibotta is a Free App used by smartphones (Android or iPhone) that will help you earn cash every time you go shopping for your groceries and now movie tickets.

How Do You Get Paid When You Buy Groceries?
Once you've Downloaded the Free App & Signed Up, then follow these 4 easy steps...

1. Choose products you plan to buy
    Before entering the grocery market, open the FREE Ibotta App. You will be able to see various Ibotta offers in their product gallery after selecting a store (enter zip code to receive store sales & credit). Browse & pick through the list of products that Ibotta is offering cash back. Then complete the offers that are related to the brands you picked. This could be by answering a survey, Liking 
a page on Facebook, sharing the product you are planing to buy with  your friends, family, etc. The more offers you complete the more money you'll receive. 

    Once you've chosen your offers, your offers will be added to the Pending List. Ibotta has over 300 retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores across the U.S. Maybe your favorite retailer is on Ibotta. You just go to one of the Ibotta retailers and buy the products you picked in step #1 and any other product you may need. You can also use coupons if you have any for the products your purchasing and you could still receive the Ibotta cash back. DOUBLE EARNINGS!!!

3. Confirm Your Purchases
    Ibotta doesn't know it's users personally and they take extra precautions. So they need to know if you did buy the products so you can get paid. So you have to take a picture or scan your receipt or link and use your loyalty card at preferred stores. This will help Ibotta track your purchases so they can pay you. This usually takes 24 hours for Ibotta to process then send your money to your Ibotta account. 

4. Show Me The Money!!!
    Once Ibotta has confirmed your purchases and sends your money to your Ibotta account, you can cash out through Paypal or select a gift cards from Redbox, Starbucks, or iTunes. Only if you have earned $10 or more. Just Select "Withdraw Cash" from the main menu of the app, then Select "Get My Cash" to Link Ibotta to your Paypal account. 

Ready To Get Started? Sign-up Here!

What I like about Ibotta, it saves me money, I can still use my coupons when I pay at the register to save more money, I can use it at over 300 retail stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. This is an App everyone should download to save you & pay you money. Happy Holidays!!!

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