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How To Make Money Online: Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is a website that lets you earn cash or rewards in different ways. I use this site on & off  for the past year or so. And now I'm writing a review on this website.

It's a Legit Website!

Because people have taken advantage of other people by making copy cat websites, it's understandable for people to think it's nothing but a scam.

Here is my reasons why this site is NOT A SCAM!

*100% FREE to Join the Website.

*They have an +A Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB: This site watches for scams on the web & in public). (Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege LLC and is based in Los Angeles, California).

*Prodege LLC was Established in 2005.

*They have over 2 million fans on Facebook.

*I've been paid out through Paypal payments & Amazon gift cards. Scam Artists take your money. All the blogs on this website are all LEGIT! 

There Are Different Ways to Earn Cash on Swagbucks:

1. Just like the Super site eBates.com you can go to Swagbucks and click on the various        Commercial Retail Stores to order and earn points. They pay Swagbucks per every dollar that you spend at any of the stores that Swagbucks offers.

   As you can see Amazon.com pays 1 swagbuck per $1 & Walmart pays 2 SwagBucks per $1.
    So a $100 purchase at Amazon you will receive 100 Swagbucks  which is like 1% off your 
    purchase & a $100 purchase at Walmart you will receive 200 Swagbucks is like receiving 
    2% off your purchase. This sounds to good to be true but guess what, it isn't. Amazon & 
    Walmart pay Swagbucks a commission to send traffic to their stores which we receive a 
    small cut. Awesome!!! Huh!

2. Surfing The Internet

    Get paid to surf the internet using Swagbucks. They're search engine is powered by Yahoo! 
    So when you use the search engine you have the same results as Yahoo! 

getting paid to search swagbucks

The earnings per search varies, so you won't get the same amount paid out every time you make a search.  
  • Make their Search Engine your default browser so you can earn while you search.
  • Install their browser extension.

3. Get paid to Take surveys online

     This is the quickest way to earn Swagbucks. You can earn up to $9 an hour doing surveys. 
     The amount of Swagbucks paid out vary per every Survey and may take up to 20 minutes.

Image result for get paid for surveys with swagbucks

4. Earn Money Watching Videos

    The next time you hear your some one say watching TV doesn't pay you can let them know it 
**They have different categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Food
  • Music
  • News
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets & Travel
Well, you get receive up to 150 Swagbucks a day for watching videos.

5. Get Paid To Play Games

I think after you tell your parents or anybody that you get paid to play games, I think they'll Swagbucks with you. But you will earn just a little Swagbucks. But a little is better than nothing. 

6. Earn Money Printing Grocery Receipts

This is a great way to earn more money. Find & print coupons to save you money then earn Swagbucks not a bad deal at all... Earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon used. It's like having an extra $0.10 off per coupon.

How to Cashout!!!

Now that you've earned some Swagbucks, you can Cash out. Swagbucks has all different categories for you to pick on how you want to cash out on. The lowest is a $5 gift card but the amount differs for every gift card. Or you can cash out via Paypal.

In Conclusion

Anyone wanting to sign up for Swagbucks couldn't go wrong. There are various ways of earning cash or gift cards. You may not be rich but you will be earning cash for the activities you all ready do for FREE. Set up the search engine and earn money through out the year. Print out the coupons to redeem savings and earn Swagbucks. Watch videos and play games. This is something anyone can do while your at home, work, or anywhere. This is great for teenagers, stay at home moms, or anyone. 

Want more information to earn money preview this whole blog. Also share with your friends, family, or anyone you know. 

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