Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rent A Friend? Review: Scam or Legit

Are you tired of your friends saying they will go out with you then at the last minute they cancel. Or you need a friend to stand in line for Black Friday, go Shopping with you, or go to a wedding, etc.
Then Rent-A-Friend is for you. Scam? We will see...

What is Rent-A-Friend?

RentAFriend.com is the largest friend rent for hire in the world. It's not a dating or escort service in fact the site has very strict policies. Rent-A-Friend is a strictly platonic relationship. Rent-A-Friend was started in New Jersey in 2009 by Scott Rosenbaum. Although not many people have heard of Rent-A-Friend in the world, Rent-A-Friend has been mostly know in Japan because it's services have been around for many years and is very popular in Japan.

Rent-A-Friend in Japan mainly services to single parent families. Since the Japanese are so family oriented Rent-A-Friend helps to fill the void for those who are widowed, separated, or need's someone to attend a family event, child's sporting event, school functions, or social functions.

In North America Rent-A-Friend is barely starting to gain popularity. The services provide a friend to rent to go to the movies, shopping, having lunch, going to a party or club.

Rent-A-Friend is currently Available in over 20 countries.

What is the price of friendship?
All the prices are negotiable between the member and the Rent-A-Friend. The fees start at $10 an hour and go up to $50 dollars an hour. The friend can charge whatever fee they want and keep 100% profit. In some cases friends have the option to not charge at all.

As a member looking for a friend the monthly rate is $24.95 and may change for specials. As a member you can view all friends from around the world. You can contact your Rent a Friend via e-mail or cellphone. All members need to do is type in a postal code (zip code) and they will be able to view all the files, pictures, interests, sex (male or female), in all the selected areas.

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Ireland, India, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

You can rent a friend to go to a social event, movies, dancing partner, theme park, concert, sports events, help you move, the skies the limit except for sexual activities.

So sign up become a friend to a friend in need.

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