Friday, January 15, 2016

Ebates Review: The Cashback Website

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Your probably here because you want to save money, earn money, saw the Ebates commercial, or was just curious what Ebates is? That's good!Well for whatever reason your here for, your in the right website.

First of all, What is Ebates?

Ebates is a company that offers cash back. How? Well, if you surf through the website and click on the links of the stores listed on ebates. Each company is an affiliate marketer (the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's company or products.) and earns a small commission for referring possible customers.

Once you've clicked a link you can search for a store to purchase from then click on the store link and ebates or affiliate stores will be able to track your visit.

Example: Amazon gives ebates 1% off every sale that gets referred their eBates website. So if eBates sends a customer to Amazon and the customer buys a $300 refrigerator   Ebates will earn $10 on that sale.

Amazon is basically advertising on eBates. Ebates then takes the $10 (the money Amazon paid them) and Ebates gives you $5. This results in a one (1%) percent cash back rate.

This is an AWESOME!!! Deal!!! Online Store (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Foot Locker, & More!!!). They win because they've sold their merchandise. Ebates receives a commission from the sale and Ebates gives you a deal and pays you for shopping??!!! Top that Secret Shopper!!!

Ebates Pays! Join today!!!

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