Friday, March 4, 2016


Get Paid to Blog To Learn

You were probably wondering how do I get paid while I learn? (Must Have A Paypal) Is this correct!!! No college, technical school, or seminar will pay you to go to school except this course... except Jeremy Shoemaker.

Jeremy Shoemaker created this system in 2003 and has been teaching thousands of newbies (new bloggers), intermediate bloggers, and advanced bloggers to become successful in blogging.
He became successful in affiliate marketing and earned thousands to millions of dollars doing what he loves Teaching & Blogging.The great thing about this system is Jeremy pays you to learn!!! Every time you complete a task or an action to learn you get paid. You're probably astonished?! Why would anyone pay ME to LEARN?

How Does This Work?

The first thought through my mind was OMG! Jeremy is going to pay me! So I researched him because there are too many Get Rich Scams. As I learned Jeremy is 100% legit.

The blue link above will redirect you to his FREE Program. Once you've clicked the hyperlink it will redirect you to his system and there you will see this:

Once you've completed all the tasks, you will watch a video that will explain the whole system step by step. Each level is broken down into martial art color belts. Because Jeremy is a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A).

The first Level starts off with a White belt which is the Welcome video, Share a link, & Belt Promotion. Once you've completed the task you get paid $1 and it's well worth it.

The next level is the Yellow Belt, this is where the magic starts to happen. You will learn how to create your blog with a web hosting company. Right here you'll have to pay to the hosting company & not Jeremy but you receive 40% off the hosting site.  Create your theme, plug ins, create your first post. Once you've completed this belt you'll be paid $1. I've learned a lot from this system but if I would've unknown this when I first started to blog, I wouldn't of wasted 5 years of trial and error. Believe me, this is well worth the money.

                                           Start Now!!!

The next level is Orange Belt, this where you sign up for your Google Adsense and other tasks. You must complete this task so you can start getting paid through advertisement and you will receive $1 for completion.

Once you've completed all the belt tasks all the way up to black belt, Jeremy created other tasks on how to make your blog like a professional. These are the Ninja Levels. This is something I've never seen before where the teacher pays the student to learn. This system is so easy to follow it can be used by a child, teen, adult, or elderly. Most systems online usually charge the customer $500 to $1,000 to learn. But Jeremy knows that most people will start off with motivation in the beginning then quit because they just don't understand it. What I love about this training system, once you've completed all the levels and you can go back to watch all the videos all over again.

You can't lose with Jeremy's training system. You can only lose time and money by not starting this right way. I wish I did this five years ago but I learned through trial and error.

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