Thursday, June 30, 2016

Get Paid For your Opinion

Today there are many way in earning money online. One of the many ways is filling out surveys online. There many legit sites where you can get paid to fill out surveys. There are some sites that
will pay you a lot of money for putting in your hard work and time. Therefore, you have to watch out when searching the web for survey sites so you don't have to waste your time filling out surveys and not receiving the fair amount paid to you.

Is Vindale Research Real?

Vindale Research is legit and many people have been paid by this website. The biggest issue is that you start off small in the beginning and build yourself up to the high paying surveys through time. Vindale is not the only company that does this.

One of the set backs is the 20-30 pre-survey about yourself. They ask about your sex (Male or Female), age, if you have kids, Single, married, if you own a home or rent, whether you drive, how much do you or your household earn before taxes, your ethnicity, what you like to consume, if you prefer coke or pepsi, they do not ask about names. Once they determine whether you qualify they move to the next level. If you do not qualify it will tell you.

Vindale Research is a company based in New York. It is one of the few oldest survey companies. It started in October 2005. It is accredited by the BBB organization with an +A rating. 

The amount of money you earn depends on the survey you fill out. It can range from $0.20 to $90.00. But as I mentioned before you have to work up the ladder to get paid $90.00. You must have a Paypal account and they pay out once you have earned $50.

What I like about Vindale Research is I earn money on the side. I don't have to report to anyone. If I want to earn money it can be anytime of the day or night. I don't need to clock in or out. It's extra money to pay off my bills, go out, or just save for that rainy day. And they paid me $2 as soon as I signed up. 

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A side from the United States, Vindale Research has expanded to UK, Canada, and Australia.

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